|  Quick Quotes

Simplify your biding process by using Public Purchase's Quick Quote Feature! Quick Quotes are designed for a speedy turn around, generally when you need a response for items or services within a week.

Our Quick Quote Feature gives you the following benefits:

  • Quick Quotes are ideal for items with a low dollar value, under your formal bid limit, or goods and services that you will need fast.
  • You can notify your Vendors about your Quick Quote by email. They will be able to respond quickly with our Electronic Response feature.
  • Quick Quotes are great for Cooperative Bids where multiple agencies can benefit from the bid.
  • Our Quick Quotes allow you to pre-qualify your Vendors before they submit a response. This allows you to have only the best Vendors respond.
  • With Quick Quotes, your Vendors can ask questions electronically, allowing you to give them a fast response through the system.
  • Your Quick Quotes can be in an open or sealed bid format, allowing your responses to comply with your local laws and regulations.

Using our Quick Quote Feature can save your agency a great deal of time and money when going out for bid. There is no cost to you or your Vendors, so it's an ideal addition to your purchasing process.