|  Reverse Auctions

When multiple suppliers bid against each other electronically, YOU WIN! It's a rare government agency that doesn't look for the most competitive pricing. And that's why a reverse auction is such a major benefit. In a manner similar to eBay, suppliers strive to anonymously outbid one another during a certain period of time - an hour, a day, a week. With our no cost, no commitment, no contract reverse auctions, it has never been easier to complete, process, and use our system. Some agencies have recognized savings as high as 50%... 60%... and 70%!

FREE - no hidden costs. Public Purchase's fully automated reverse auction system is free to both you and your vendors. There are absolutely no hidden costs or fees.

Automatic auction extensions. We make it difficult for a supplier to "game" the system. If a supplier places an offer within three minutes of the auction closing, the auction is automatically extended... so vendors get to sharpen their pencils once again to give you their most competitive price.

Vendor pre-qualification. You can control the quality and quantity of the vendors before the auction even starts. As a result, you are assured of satisfying demographic or geographical requirements that your agency might require.

Delayed auctioning upon release. You can empower vendors to place their bids over a period of days or even the last hour, while accessing and reviewing important bid documents.

Negative price capability. If you are bidding off an index or a table, our system allows the vendors to enter a negative number when appropriate.

Automatic tabulations and reports. We make the system convenient and efficient. All tabulation is completed electronically and in various formats.

Complete transparency. Control the information you make available to the general public and keep in compliance with rigorous compliance rules and regulations. You can rest easy as a result of our seven-year audit trail and years of government experience.