Our Products

The Public Group is a software development company that prides itself on its products and product reliability. Each product created by our developers is designed to assist government agencies to save money, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and simplify their existing processes. Whether it is through surplus disposal, eProcurement, vendor management, or contract management, The Public Group strives to assist the government agencies using our products to streamline their existing procedures and save money down the line. Our knowledgeable Representatives strive to provide the best customer service possible, and at no charge!

Choose the products or services that you might be interested in, and we can show you how we can help your agency go green one click at a time.


Online Auctions

Public Surplus is the largest online auction service dedicated to government agencies selling surplus, excess and confiscated items. Whether your agency currently uses an online service or holds live auctions, you will benefit from a more effective and efficient method of asset management by using Public Surplus. Developed specifically for government agencies. Public Surplus brings together the largest buyer database, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use features, and customer support you can rely on.

Don't waste any more time or leave any more money on the table!


Public Purchase streamlines and expedites your procurement process with customized solutions that ultimately lead to lower government agency costs. There are no barriers to entry as Public Purchase is FREE to agencies and FREE to vendors.

With our powerful, dynamic, easy-to-use features you choose the business model that best meets your needs. You control the bidding process and manage vendors electronically. You spend more time on critical tasks and no time advertising bids or tabulating responses.

Start saving time and money today!

Contract Management

Public Contract is The Public Group's premiere Contract Management system for Private and Government Agencies. Public Contract will help streamline your Contract Management processes so that you will be able to focus on running your agency rather than worrying about your contracts. With more than 11 years experience working with agencies, Public Contract was developed with assistance and direction from those agencies we serve. It is a simple-to-use system that is fully customizable to meet the needs of your agency.


Vendor Management

Public Vendor, our premiere Vendor Database, brings order and consistency to your vendors' information and tasks. Online self-registration, form & document management, and vendor database query are just a few of the features that will streamline your vendor management efforts.

This FREE service can be used as a stand-alone database or integrated with Public Purchase and Public Contract to save you time and ensure that your vendor information is consistent throughout your processes.


Public Requisition is part of the suite of products from The Public Group designed to simplify and automate the procurement process. Public Requisition is perfectly suited for agencies of all sizes looking to streamline the process of creation, approval and administration of requisitions.

Workflow Management

Public Workflow is a full-feature enterprise integration and workflow management solution. It can help automate and route tasks within a government agency. It was originally envisioned to help automate the approval process inherent in purchase processing. However, as the product matured it is clear that it can be used in any situation that would benefit from automation and monitoring.