|  Service Overview

Public Requisition is part of the suite of products from The Public Group designed to simplify and automate the procurement process. Public Requisition is perfectly suited for small to medium size agencies looking to streamline the process of creation, approval and administration of requisitions.

The Public Group offers a suite of services designed to simplify and automate the procurement process: Public Purchase, Public Contract, Public Vendor, Public Requisition, and Public Workflow.

Requisition software can be used in a number of scenarios such as Maintenance, Repair & Operations, General Purchasing, and Warehouse and Inventory Management. Public Requisition is flexible enough to fit into any of these work streams. Fortunately, the flexibility does not come at the price of complexity for the users. As with all products from The Public Group, ease-of-use is a paramount aspect of Public Requisition.

Public Requisition will help automate:

  • Creation of requisition requests
  • Create rules for approval and follow-up
  • Email notification to all parties involved
  • Integrate with the bidding/solicitation process via Public Purchase
  • Provide auditing and requisition history
  • Manage departments and customize rules per department

Out-of-the-box, Public Requisition provides a straightforward workflow system that meets the requirements of most agencies. However, Public Requisition has the ability to leverage the power of Public Workflow and integrate seamlessly into your existing purchasing rules and requirements.