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Public Purchase is a comprehensive web-based e-Procurement solution designed to enable government agencies to post, manage and award bids and RFx projects electronically and save time, save money and improve vendor communication. Easy-to-use and feature rich, Public Purchase supports all solicitation types, integrates vendor management, and provides a 7-year audit trail of documentation and reports.

Looking to transition to an e-Procurement solution? Implementing Public Purchase takes little time, no money, and has no impact on your agency's network requirements. Whether you need a simple bid notification solution or a full-featured electronic response solution, Public Purchase provides the tools for success. Vendor transition can be automated, or you can require vendors to re-register, ensuring that you have the most accurate information for only active vendors.

Want more control over internal access? Access to Public Purchase can be granted to an unlimited number of agency users. Permissions ensure that each user has access to only the features and functions required, providing the highest level of control to your program administrator.

Is your Vendor Management process out of control? Public Purchase's integrated vendor management solution Public Vendor organizes your vendor list and puts information at your fingertips.    [Take a look to Public Vendor]

Do you utilize multiple solicitation types? Public Purchase supports bid notification, line item bids, quick quotes, RFx's, reverse auctions and custom bid types. Electronic or paper response, private or public, simple or complex, your needs are met.

Concerned with document and form version management? Public Purchase's document and form libraries ensure that every agency staff member utilizes the most up-to-date version of your documents and forms. Fill-in forms save your vendors time and effort.

Looking for time-saving processes? Templates streamline the bid creation process, eliminating the need to input standard details. A task page lists the items that need your attention. Automatic bid tabulation saves time and ensures accuracy.

What about construction projects? Bid bonds, plan holders list and contractor lists are all supported by Public Purchase.

Do your solicitations require multiple attachments of various file types? Public Purchase allows users to attach an unlimited number of attachments of any size and of any file type. There is no longer a need to mail documents or provide copies for pick up. Vendors download everything they need from Public Purchase.

Is vendor notification consuming too much time? Public Purchase automatically notifies vendors of your solicitations based on classification codes. Public Purchase supports custom codes, NAICS, NIGP, and several other standards.

Does your cooperative need a cost-effective e-Procurement solution? Public Purchase has comprehensive cooperative purchasing features that automate communication, streamline processes and enable agencies to benefit from the economies of scale realized by cooperative purchasing.

What about customer support? For more than 11 years, agencies have experienced incredible success utilizing Public Purchase and other TPG applications. The Public Group has gained expertise and knowledge regarding e-Procurement logistics and strategy. Your dedicated customer support representative will answer questions, resolve issues and provide strategic consulting. Your success is our success; whether you need questions answered, additional training or advice on structuring a solicitation, we are here to help.

For more than 4 years, Public Purchase has enabled government agencies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their procurement programs. Features and functions streamline processes and ensure the consistency of bids and RFx's. Our proven strategies save money, save time and improve vendor communication. Ready to take a closer look? Attend a demonstration, register your agency and experience the success for yourself.

Contract Management

Public Contract is The Public Group's premiere Contract Management system for Private and Government Agencies. Public Contract will help streamline your Contract Management processes so that you will be able to focus on running your agency rather than worrying about your contracts. With more than 11 years experience working with agencies, Public Contract was developed with assistance and direction from those agencies we serve. It is a simple-to-use system that is fully customizable to meet the needs of your agency.

Public Contract allows you to take control of your contracts by automating most, if not all, of the tasks and expenditures associated with your contracts. You will be able to track milestones, deadlines and contract renewals for the term of the contract. You will also be able to keep track of all inactive contracts entered into the system. All of your contracts will be stored for 7 years, with no limit to the size or number of contracts entered.

Public Contract offers your agency the benefit of the following features:

  • Simple-to-Use System - Public Contract was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so every user in your organization will be able to use the system with a minimum amount of training.
  • User-friendly Contract Creation - Public Contract's Contract Creation features were designed to be quick and easy to use. Simply enter the requested information, upload any documents you may have, and click "Save" and your contract is saved in the system for 7 years.
  • Renewals - Public Contract is designed to make your Contract renewals simple, and seamless.
  • Expenditures - Public Contract will allow you to track your Contract Expenditures easily. You can enter any and all payments, expenditure changes, and even upload the original invoices to the system.
  • Task Manager - Public Contract's Task Manager will allow you to create tasks and reminders for your Agency and your Vendors. The tasks can be as simple as entering expenditures, or as complex as setting up a contract for re-bid or renewal. The system will notify you, your Vendors and anyone else who may need to know about the task, once it is time to complete the task. The system will send reminders weekly until you mark the task as complete.
  • Task Library - Public Contract offers you the option to save any Tasks that are common to most, if not all, of your contracts in one central location. This will save time and effort in contract creation, as you can simply add a Task from the Library rather than having to create a new, and identical, Task each time you enter a contract.
  • Fully-Integrated Contract and Vendor Management Systems - Public Contract is fully-integrated with our Public Vendor system. This will allow you to track of all of your Vendors' contact information, attach them to the contracts, and keep notes on each Vendor.
  • Reporting Features - Public Contract allows you to speed up your reporting by creating your reports automatically. Simply give us the reporting features you require, and we'll build it into the system for you. Then, when you're ready to create your report, simply enter in the information you are requesting, and our system will generate the report for you in a simple to download Excel document.
  • Quick Search Features - Public Contract makes it simple to find any contract, active or closed, that you have stored in the system.
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity - Our servers are secure and are able to store all of your contract documents for up to 7 years, with no limit to size or number of documents attached to each contract.
  • Message Storage System - Public Contract allows you to keep any e-mails sent to you through the system with our unlimited storage capacity. These e-mails will remain in our system and accessible to you through your My Stuff tab for up to 7 years or until you delete the message yourself.
  • Free Technical Support - Public Contract offers FREE technical support to all agencies. Technical support is offered through phone, email, and LiveChat.

Public Contract is a cost-effective Contract Management tool. Our services are priced on a per user basis, so to get a price quote, please contact us for more information and include the number of users who would be interested in Public Contract, an approximate number of Contracts you use each year, and any special requirements you may have.

Vendor Management

Public Vendor is The Public Group's premiere Vendor Management system for Private and Government Agencies. Public Vendor will help streamline your Vendor Management processes so that you will be able to focus on running your agency rather than worrying about your vendors' information. It is a simple-to-use system that is customizable to meet the needs of your agency.

Public Vendor allows you to manage all of your vendors' information in one place for multiple users. By automating all vendor tasks, you will be able to upload forms that you may need to have on file, keep track of business types, create reports, and make sure you have the most updated vendor contact information.

With Public Purchase and Public Vendor you control the registration process for your vendors.

Public Vendor offers your agency the benefit of the following features:

  • View general information for each vendor.
  • Add notes to each vendor's profile.
  • Manage and upload the W-9 and other forms and documents for each vendor.
  • Search for vendors by business types, classification codes, Duns Number and several other options.
  • One place for vendors to register for the entry agency.
  • Unlimited number of agency users.
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity - Our servers are secure and are able to store all of your vendor information for up to 7 years, with no limit to size or number of vendors.
  • Upload all of your current vendors, and gain additional vendors. Have a complete list of ALL YOUR vendors. You keep all vendors registered with your agency.
  • Free Technical Support - Public Contract offers FREE technical support to all agencies. Technical support is offered through phone, email, and LiveChat.