|  Service Overview

Public Workflow is a feature-rich enterprise integration and workflow management solution that automates and route tasks within an agency. Originally designed to automate the approval process inherent in purchase processing, Public Workflow can be used in any situation that would benefit from automation and monitoring.

For example, the following scenarios could be automated utilizing Public Workflow:

  • Three members of a purchasing committee must review bids over $100,000 before awarding a contract
  • Reminders should be sent when a task is not completed - work order approval, for example
  • Work orders should be created when a repair ticket is approved
  • A repair technician should be dispatched when a work order is created
  • Requisitions under $500 should be automatically approved, firearms requisitions should be sent to a specific user within the agency, and all other requisitions should be sent to the purchasing manager.

Public Workflow is not just a static software solution; it is also a partnership with The Public Group. This partnership brings together our experience in software development with your knowledge of the processes required to successfully administer your agency. The result is a dynamic software solution uniquely customized to automate and streamline your agency's processes.