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Public Surplus is the premier online auction service specifically created for public agencies selling surplus property. Our expansive database, easy-to-use interface and robust functionality ensure the success of your surplus auction program, clear communication both internally and with buyers, and compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Looking to increase your surplus revenue? Public Surplus buyers can browse, bid and buy online 24/7/365. Our expansive database of regional, national, international buyers ensures maximum exposure for your items and top revenue. Your items will be automatically marketed to buyers targeting those specific items. Recyclers and resellers look to Public Surplus for large volumes of surplus items. Automatic Auction Extension guarantees that every bid is placed and no revenue is left on the table. Time and time again, agencies that transition to Public Surplus experience a significant increase in revenue compared with their previous method.

What about marketing? Our Buyer Contact Department will market your heavy equipment, vehicles and other high-dollar assets to known buyers as well as local companies. Public Surplus regularly advertises in heavy equipment publications. A Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search of "Surplus Auction" will produce Public Surplus as the #1 result, due to the high volume of activity on Public Surplus and our online marketing efforts. You can post a link to YOUR Public Surplus auctions on your agency's website. This multi-faceted approach will direct buyers to your auctions and increase your net revenue.

Are you constantly providing information to other people or other departments? Access to Public Surplus can be granted to an unlimited number of agency users. Permissions ensure that each user has access to only the features and functions required, providing the highest level of control to your program administrator. Online reports provide details based on your requirements, and can be easily downloaded or printed, so responding to an audit or inquiry takes no time at all.

Are buyer communication issues bogging you down? Public Surplus integrates Q&A functionality right into the auction page. Multiple agency contacts can respond to questions, which can be made available to all buyers. Auction listings can include pictures, documents and forms to provide additional information to buyers. Multiple locations can be included on the auction page, providing detailed information to your buyers. Customizations allow you to communicate key information to your winning bidders automatically.

Concerned about buyer default? Public Surplus has an extremely low buyer default rate due to our buyer verification process, bid deposit features and our internal buyer activity analysis. Tap into our 11+ years of experience and knowledge to implement processes that protect your agency and reduce buyer default.

Do you have questions about compliance and transparency? Public Surplus adheres to all federal, state and local regulations, and provides a 7-year audit trail. Internal reallocation, private auctions and bidder pre-qualification are standard features. Every click is documented and available via reports, saving you time and effort. Auction access and information is online, on-demand, 24/7/365.

Looking for ways to reduce administrative duties? Public Surplus automates many processes, and offers solutions that save you time and money. Auction upload allows multiple auctions to be created simultaneously. Internal reallocation provides an easy method of offering property to internal departments or other agencies before listing an item for public auction. "Winning Bid Notification" emails are sent automatically to winning bidders. Bills of Sale are automatically generated. Our payment collection service saves your agency time and money.

Wondering about the buyer's experience? Buyers appreciate the many features designed to enhance their experience: Automatic auction extension; Interest lists with automatic notification; Mobile access; Online payment; Proxy bidding; and Spanish language support. These features and many others give buyers the tools to successfully browse, bid and buy on Public Surplus. What does this mean to our agencies? Consistent revenue and quality buyers who continually bid on your surplus.

What about customer support? For more than 11 years, agencies have experienced incredible success utilizing Public Surplus, and The Public Group has gained expertise and knowledge regarding online auction logistics and strategy. Your dedicated customer support representative will answer questions, resolve issues and provide strategic consulting. Your success is our success. Whether you need questions answered, additional training or information about auction results, we are here to help.

Who is in control? You are. You control everything: Buyer Terms & Conditions, auction creation, auction release, payment terms, pick up terms. Need to change an auction? Change it. Need to retract an auction? Retract it. Public Surplus will automatically notify your bidders about any changes or retractions. Copy an auction with a click. Re-list an item with a click. Reserve price functionality allows you to list an item for sale on Public Surplus without being obligated to sell it for a price lower than your required minimum. Public Surplus provides the robust website and the expansive buyer database. You control the implementation.

For more than 11 years, Public Surplus has enabled government agencies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their surplus auction programs. Our online auction marketplace is utilized by hundreds of thousands of buyers who are specifically looking for surplus items. With over 4 million hits per day Public Surplus is the premier online auction site. Why do more than 2,350 successfully utilize Public Surplus? Attend a demonstration, register your agency and experience the success for yourself.