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Public Vendor is a web-based solution that streamlines vendor management. Whether utilized in conjunction with Public Purchase or Public Contract, or as a stand-alone, this application enables agencies to create and track tasks, document confidential notes, manage multiple addresses and contacts, suspend/un-suspend vendors, track documents and forms, and track information such as classification codes and HUB status.

Ready to transition from a paper or spreadsheet vendor management system to a comprehensive electronic solution? Implementing Public Vendor takes little time, no money, and has no impact on your agency's network requirements. Contact vendors via email or US mail and invite them to register with your agency. This puts the responsibility on the vendor, ensures the accuracy of the information and removes inactive vendors from your database.

Looking for a single, accurate repository of vendor information for all of your users to access? Like all TPG applications, Public Vendor is permission based, meaning that users have access to only the features and information required for their position. Your administrator has full control over access to the vendor database. Some users may have view-only access, while others have access to document notes, edit contact information or upload documents.

Need to identify potential bidders for a bid or RFx? Public Vendor's search tool allows you to search by criteria such as classification code, business type or location. Search by one or multiple criteria to identify the vendors that best meet your needs.

Is managing insurance, certificate and license documentation a challenge? Upload an unlimited number of documents to a vendor's profile on the system. Create tasks with associated action items to automatically notify vendors of required documentation.

Need a confidential method to suspend and unsuspend a vendor? Public Vendor's suspend/unsuspend allows you to clearly document information and be assured that it is only accessible to users with the appropriate permission.

What about task management? Users can create a task associated with a specific vendor, and add an action, which automatically notifies the vendor or another individual via email about the status of the task. A task library saves commonly-used, saving you time.

What about customer support? For more than 11 years, agencies have experienced incredible success utilizing Public Vendor and other TPG applications. The Public Group has gained expertise and knowledge regarding e-Procurement and vendor management logistics and strategy. Your dedicated customer support representative will answer questions, resolve issues and provide strategic consulting. Your success is our success; whether you need questions answered, additional training or advice on managing vendors, we are here to help.

For more than 6 years, Public Vendor has enabled government agencies to accurately manage vendor information. Features and functions streamline processes and ensure that you have access to the most current information. Our proven strategies save money, save time and improve vendor communication. Ready to take a closer look? Attend a demonstration, register your agency and experience the success for yourself.