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Public Purchase is The Public Group's premiere e-Procurement system for Private and Government Agencies. Public Purchase will help streamline your purchasing processes so that you will be able to focus on running your agency. With more than 15 years experience working with procurement systems Public Purchase has developed a program with the idea of having a system that is user friendly, and is built with your needs and customizations. Not a system that says do it this way. Having a procurement system online allows us to customize a system per agency, allows faster updates with no additional software to purchase. Helping you go green one click at time.

Public Purchase allows you to take control of your all your bids whether your agency is centralized or decentralized.

  • Easy to Access and Use: e-Procurement systems can automate complicated processes for bid creation, response and award. You can implement e-Procurement tools without changing your current organization or purchasing processes. Online tools can also be accessed and used anytime, anywhere.
  • Save Time and Resources: Online bids can contact all your vendors without the need to copy, collate and mail bid documents. Online notifications can also contact your current vendors and attract vendors statewide from across the country, decreasing the time and resources necessary for advertising.
  • One-page Bid Management: Your main page on Public Purchase allows you to see all your current bids with a special list for any bid that requires immediate attention.
  • Custom Bid Types: Public Purchase provides the convenience of several pre-set bid types including traditional bid notification, reverse auction, quick quote and line-item bids. The system also allows you to set your own bid preferences for notifying, responding and awarding.
  • Custom Classification Preferences: You have the convenience of choosing from several classification systems including SIC, SITC, NAICS, UNSPSC and NIGP. You can also adjust or customize any of the above classification systems or set-up a unique classification system all your own.
  • Unmatched Security: Public Purchase uses the highest-grade encryption available to ensure that bid responses are kept absolutely confidential until the bidding period ends and purchasing administrators officially open the bid. Public Purchase also provides you with customizable awarding options; allowing you to control access to and content of bid results.
  • Free Technical Support: Public Purchase offers FREE technical support to all agencies. Technical support is offered through phone, email, and LiveChat.

Public Purchase was developed by system designers and programmers with over fifteen years experience in creating e-Procurement solutions for government agencies. This experience allowed them to create a comprehensive new system, optimizing each of the above benefits with enough flexibility to meet the unique needs of individual agencies. Public Purchase is a streamlined e-Procurement system that provides the most effective and essential tools in an easy-to-use structure.