Arizona is targeting buyers

Shopping For Surplus Easier For Arizona Buyers as Public Surplus Expands Its Presence In Arizona.

Three new government agencies - the City of Phoenix, the City of Tempe and Gilbert ISD - entered into contracts with online auction service provider Public Surplus over the past six weeks, joining about 80 other Arizona agencies who regularly hold online auctions through Public Surplus. Community access to surplus items will be greatly increased as a generation of people accustomed to shopping online are able browse and place bids online for surplus items ranging from flat screen monitors and electronics to cars, trucks and bicycles. As a result, the agencies can expect to see an increase in net revenue of 15% - 200% as compared to revenue generated through a live auction.

"The traditional live-auction model leaves out anyone who doesn't have time to browse and inspect items on a Thursday or Friday and then spend several hours on a Saturday waiting or the items to come up for bid." Said Contact, Title for Public Surplus. "We always encourage buyers to inspect items in person before placing a bid, but browsing and bidding can be done online from the comfort of home, 24/7. Teachers and other school districts will be particularly happy to have Gilbert ISD on board, as schools typically post school items that have not yet reached the end of their useful life-cycle.

Agencies can expect to see a 50% increase in the number of bids placed. "What we find is that people who would never set foot on an on-site surplus auction are happy to browse and shop online. To them, it's just like Ebay or Shopgoodwill.com." commented last name "The big difference is that the proceeds benefit them as a taxpayer, and it is a true auction experience - if a bid is placed within 3 minutes of the end time, the end time automatically extends for 3 more minutes. There is no auction sniping."

Auction items are not limited to city vehicles, and lost and found. Items recently posted by Arizona agencies included a lot 10 glass and crystal vases and bowls, kitchen items, lawn equipment, sewing machines, sporting goods, drafting tables, small kitchen appliances, musical instruments and vacuum cleaners. "The wide variety of roles that these agencies play in our communities result in everyday items being procured, used and then transitioning to surplus." said last name.

"We are excited to be expanding our presence in Arizona." Stated Eric Heaps, Vice-President of Operations for Public Surplus. "In addition to bringing a valuable service to our agency partners, local individuals looking for a good deal or a "diamond in the rough" will benefit from increased access to the government surplus in their own backyard. Arizona has been very welcoming to us and we look forward to adding even more agencies to our growing list of partners in Arizona."

About Public Surplus

Public Surplus is the leading service provider in the online auction market for small, medium and large state and local government agencies and not-for-profits. The company offers free agency and buyer registration, free 7-year audit trail, free item preparation training, free reporting, and free agency and buyer support via email, online chat or phone. Additional services include auction marketing and payment collection. Secure, offsite, redundant servers host www.publicpurchase.com and auction traffic and integrity is protected by method of security. Public Surplus's target clients are state and local government agencies and not-for-profits that typically generate $10,000 or more annually in surplus revenue. Target buyers are individuals, companies, resellers, and other agencies from North and South America. Buyers can register at www.publicpurchase.com Auction payment methods vary by Agency. Public Surplus was founded in 2000. Based in Provo, UT with 6 offices throughout the US, Public Surplus has approximately 2,000 clients nationwide as of August, 2010. For more information about Public Surplus and our services, visit www.publicsurplus.com.

Media Contact:
Eric Heaps
Vice President of Operations